SwissVapour uses a combination of innovation, industry-specific and entrepreneurial expertise to create and defend the world-class position of its premium electronic cigarettes. The company also offers consulting services to business partners.

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For the past ten years our team has been engaged in the challenge of finding effective pathways for those who wish to escape their dependency on traditional cigarettes. Our stance is that "it is not smoking that kills, just the smoke".

"Smokers crave an alternative"
So, in an age where smoking is becoming less socially acceptable, we believe that electronic cigarettes offers consumers the best lifestyle alternative, because they delivers fast-acting nicotine without the adverse health risks that tobacco poses to smokers and their entourage.

Please browse this website to find out more about our smoke-free lifestyle alternatives. You can also view our flagship brand website by clicking on the ESTEEM image.

ESTEEM Business Card
SwissVapour developed ESTEEM Premium.

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Instead of burning tobacco, the electronic cigarette produces a vapour that has the appearance, sensation, and most of the flavour of tobacco smoke, and a choice of nicotine level. Some electronic cigarettes don't contain nicotine.

Because our e-cig looks just like a traditional cigarette, all the actions and rituals are the same as conventional smoking, except that there is no ash to flick, and it produces no second-hand smoke. This gives users a similar experience to traditional cigarettes, yet without the harmful coctail of chemicals that is produced by burning tobacco.

Warning: Electronic cigarettes are not recommended for non-smokers or ex-smokers, and versions that contain nicotine should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, or by anyone who suffers from a heart condition. We urge users to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

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Social Entrepreneurship
As social entrepreneurs we've recognised a key social problem and developed an entrepreneurial solution that fits with the lifestyles of our consumers. In other words, we have helped achieve social change, while making a profit.

Market-led Innovation
Our innovation is targeted around the vast majority of current smokers who actively seek a fresh alternative to conventional cigarettes. We understand how they are left feeling disenchanted by the hazards of smoking, disillusioned by the impossibility of quitting and dissatisfied by the social stigma.

A Pragmatic Focus
Electronic cigarettes address these unresolved needs and desires, allowing consumers to enjoy their habit, without harming themselves or disturbing others. And because our products eactly resemble conventional cigarettes, they get to keep their familiar rituls of smoking, while changing their consumption for good.

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James Cullinan, our Chief Executive is a specialist in Innovation and Business Model Generation. James launched his first branded product in 1993, and has been responsible for many complex turnkey projects in the food, wine & lifestyle sectors.

James has over 10 years’ experience in helping those who want to switch. This includes delivering a smoking cessation project for GlaxoSmithKline to complement their NiQuitin CQ brand. He leverages his background in change management as an Executive Consultant in the Business Transformation Unit of KPMG Consulting in London where he managed projects for high profile clients such as Credit Suisse, NatWest and Airbus.

James began his career on the management trainee programme of Tiger Brands in Johannesburg and then as a jeune cadre with CarnaudMetalBox in Paris. He has an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD where he was awarded the Sasakawa Young Leader Foundation Scholarship.

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Although we keep some of our know-how confidential, our goal is to be transparent about the safety and efficacy of our elecronic cigarettes, and to behave with complete integrity in all of our interactions with customers, suppliers, partners, investors and our business and social networks.

Quality First
For the past three years, we have continuted to design quality into our premium electronic cigarettes. Today our consumers enjoy sealed cartridges with the finest quality liquids. It gives us satisfaction to know that they enjoy ‘clean nicotine’ without Carbon Monoxide (which previously starved their blood of oxygen) or any of the tar that previously hampered their lung function and caused coughing. And that they can avoid the conflict of passive smoke.

We pride ourselves on being reliable: Always keeping our promises as individuals; Consistently developing products to world-class standards; and Patiently building solutions and relationships that will endure for the long-term.

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Postal Address
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